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Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

Welcome to Gorden's Painted Horse Ranch !

We have available the following;
Pasture Breeding
Selection of weanling thru 2yr old paints
All leadable and loadable  

We are located 35 miles south of Des Moines, Iowa, 1 mile east of Highway 65.
The following pages are intended to give you a brief picture of our horses and facilities. While we have plenty of pasture and woodlands for riding ( if you are boarding here), we are just 9 miles from Stevens Forest which has a well developed  horse riding trail system.
We know that many people have the desire to add a new horse and develope it from a weanling and/or provide a child the expierence of growing with a new horse. We can help you make that happen.

For example, you can spend time with a prospective colt prior to purchase using our facilities to be sure you are getting what you want. We have utilized this option many times and it seems to work.

Foaled April 23, 2004
Tre and Stud Colt.

An example of an early start would be this beauty. Come on down and take a look at what is available. More colts should be foaling soon. 

Colt is 4 days old.

Triple Sonny
September 1, 2004

October Specials:   Sold

Kane is a 2003 model.(Blue Max and Sonny D Bar)
Kane is 15 months of age and is a calm horse to work with. (click picture to see more)
$350.00 for Kane.


This guy just keeps getting better looking every day. He even is proud looking when he's covered with mud.

June 11, 2004
Triple Sonny is my name.

Triple Sonny is available for $350.00 SOLD

Sugar and her new filly.

June 14, 2004
Sugar's new filly colt. (24 hours of age)

Candy has been sold. 1-1-2005

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at:


Lucas, Iowa 50151